How to use Pro Series Thin Cast Epoxy Resin

How to use Deep Casting Epoxy Resin



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Step 1:

Make sure to have on hand * 2:1 ratio bar graph on measure cups. 2:1 Volume is best. We do sell them on our accessories page.

Step 2:

Pour Resin A first to desired amount under the 2 ratio line in cup. Then pour B hardner ontop of A under the 1 ratio line. 2A to 1B.

Step 3:

Once A and B are added, add your choice of pigment and stir slowly 1 direction for 2 to 2.5 min for Pro Series Thin Cast. Deep Casting can be stirred for 3 to 3.5 min. Slow mix allows no air pockets in mix. Make sure your project is leveled.

Step 4:

Pour your resin and scrape sides of container. If you should incounter any air bubbles, after 15 min *Fast Glace * with torch or heat gun.

Working time on Pro Series Thin Cast 45 min. Cure Time is 12 to 16 hours dry to touch, 24 hours full cure.

Working time on Deep Casting 3 to 6 hours. Cure Time on Deep casting varies on volume of projects, 38 hours to 72 hours. We recommend de mold 72 hours. *

Temperature control should be between 20 to 23 Celsius for best results, less then 20 degrees will effect cure time.

*Pro Tip:

To design swirls effect on Pro Series Thin Cast is 20 min into your pour. To design swirls effect on Deep Casting is can be in the area of 4 to 6 hours after pour.

Enjoy and please share your projects 😊 we also have live chat for further assistance