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Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping

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Deep Casting Epoxy Resin by Designer Epoxy is recommended for river tables, mass casting, embedding and encapsulation, resin jewelry, resin casting, molding resin, art or crafting resin, high build coatings. For deep pours and large casting applications.

  • Super Clear
  • 100% Solids
  • Mix ratio by volume: A:B = 2:1
  • 2A Resin – 1B Hardner
  • Working time: 6-7 Hours
  • Mix time: 4-5 minutes
  • UV Resistant
  • Dry To Touch: 28 - 36 Hours
  • Gel Time: 6 - 7 hours
  • Cure Time: 72 hours
  • Recommended 72+ Hour Demold, depending on volume
  • Best Cure Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius (colder temperatures may affect cure time)
  • Hardness: 90 (shore D)
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Pour thickness: up to 5 inches. Recommend 1 inch minimum
  • Can be poured at 1/2 inch but will take 4 days to cure
  • For very large pours over 3/6/9 gallons, 2 separate pours are recommended
  • Can be poured more than 5 inches on smaller volumes
  • To design swirl effects, 12-14 hours after initial pour
  • Will not distort with age
  • Excellent air release qualities
  • Cures water clear
  • Food grade safe once fully cured
  • 0 VOC
  • Bubble free
  • No Fillers
  • Enhanced blu-tec technology to prevent yellowing
  • Anti-ultraviolet
  • No odor / no fumes
  • Shelf Life Unopened: 12-14 months
  • Shelf Life Opened: 6-8 months

For instruction please refer to instruction videos.

26 reviews for Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping

    Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping photo review
    Simon Brunet
    This was my 1st project using and epoxy finish and other than the learning curve this was an amazing experience. Designer epoxy mixed well and was crystal clear. Love the product and planning my next project using Designer Epoxy.
    Paul Glassner
    In my opinion designer epoxy is the best you can get and the best price. It’s super clear and easy to mix. I’m hooked and will only buy designer epoxy from now on.
    Craig Hertzog
    Love the Deep Pour, so easy to work with and comes out beautiful every time
    joseph murphy
    Still learning this art but designer epoxy is the stuff to use!!
    Great product
    clem steubing
    Took a day longer to demold this time I am sure it is do to colder temps took five days but I like the deep resin because of doing river cutting boards
    Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping photo review
    Joe Ehrlich
    Deep cast is the best deep pour on the market bar none! No other companies have an epoxy or resin that can touch it. I have poured it into fractured wood deep pours 8 inches thick with out thermal cracks, or bubbles, or pockets of voids. I have done this repeatedly with the same outstanding results. It is as thin as water. It does not have to be decanted or pressurized to obtain these results. Thank you for such a great product. The only down side to this epoxy is waiting the 3 days to see how awesome your projects turn out!! They also have incredible customer service. Thier orders are filled the same day you order them. Gabriel returns your phone call if you leave a message and gets it to you quickly. I am on my 3rd purchase of the deep cast and my next order will be in bulk. The mica powder samples they through iin my order, have also become my favorite new go to colors as well!
    Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping photo review
    E. Louise Badgley
    I have left a review for the casting it was the resin I initially began with. I described the issues I have had with other resins before I began the adventure with this company and the casting resin and then moving onto the deep cast resin. To cut to the chase...I LOVE IT...absolutely love it! Though I have primarily used resin for covering my acrylic paintings or doing free style sculpture, I began expanding my horizons and was using the deep cast for use in molds but adding my dried flowers from my garden into the resin. I had tried this once before but the micro bubbles even with the use of a 'bubble removing' machine were too great and I didn't stick with it. But given the success I had had with the deep cast resin from this company I decided to give it a try again. I cannot begin to tell you of my satisfaction and pleasure at seeing my flowers and foliage in resin! I used lights to examine the finished products and I am convinced that this deep resin is the ultimate!! I hope my pictures do it justice but remember I am better with a pencil or a paint brush then with a camera of any type lol. I have had so many comments from individuals who have seen the work I have accomplished with this company's resin (casting as well as the deep pour!) They have been astonished at the clarity just as I have been! It is tough too evidenced by my dropping some of my finished products in my excitement at seeing the clarity! So if I could give this company...and both resins more then 5 stars? In a heartbeat I would be doing just that! But that is not the end of the story....the owner of the company? As many others have said...A1! Excellent! A real human being...polite, professional and pleasant with a great sense of humor! No one is ever left feeling 'dumb/stupid' ..etc...and no question asked is ever left unanswered! And the man stands behind his product! Always. I may not be doing countertops or floors but my work is just as important to me and I am so thrilled that I have found this company with the best resin ever...and I have tried 5 others that I can think of at this time....and to have an owner who stands behind his product? WOW! Even when the issues/problems have NOT been of his making he has made me a believer that Gabriel has been aptly angel!
    I am so pleased with this resin. I have tried both the deep cast and the casting resin and bubbles at all! I love it. I was pleased as well with the professional and courteous customer service too....that absolutely blew me away lol. So I bought the deep cast for some huge crystals ...and was adding my own dried flowers and foliage to them with few expectations because I had tried various 'other resins' prior ...and none of them were great...micro bubbles everywhere especially along the stems of the flowers. I even have a machine to decrease the number of bubbles but...nope....those bubbles were a constant it seemed until NOW! Love love love this company's resin. It is so clear and yet so easy to use. So then when my supply of casting resin was deleted....I thought why not give this company's other resin a try and it is beyond belief! You know the saying 'if it sounds too good to be true it usually is'??? Not with this company's resin. And they even added in some mica powders that are so pretty ....they are an awesome company. And best yet? They are a Canadian company! No more having to pay more acquiring resin from other countries! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Would I buy it again? YES a heartbeat!
    Iv been turning for many years, my first project with resin from designer epoxy came out really nice. I will stick to using all their products, customer service and shipping times are tops. I do need to mention iv been studying Jim Sprague for about a year before I even tried resin.
    Chris Thompson
    Loves this product, worked perfectly, no bubbles, and easy to work with.
    Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping photo review
    Steve Hewlin
    The absolute best customer service. Superior product. Lightning fast shipping and amazing price. I'll never use another supplier again.
    Fred M
    First casting epoxy purchase. Easy to work with and my first epoxy and wood project is underway. The casting went great. Better than I expected. I have only just started turning the project but so far I am very pleased with the way the epoxy turns and the way it penetrates voids in the wood. Thanks
    I have found the resin (deep pour) to be so clear is like glass! I also found their professionalism and their speed of delivery bar none, meaning it was so fast like wow! I am totally impressed with this company!
    Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping photo review
    Dale T Prescott
    You'll have the best Epoxy around I've worked others but Iike your Easy to work with. Shipping is great came in faster then I thought it would. Thanks
    John Netherton
    100 % across the board folks ! Try and add more products ...
    Cliff strickland
    A good company to deal with .love the instant chat line. Dealing with Gabriel was great. Good quality product.
    I am new to the world of resin casting. I am starting with smaller projects to understand the characteristics when working with your resins. Excellent product with easy to follow instructions. Easy resin to work with and tint. The company has been more than helpful answering my questions. (Thanks Gabriel).I am testing both mineral oil and epoxy top coat for final finishes. Your Art Cast resin is a joy to work with. Great pricing and delivery. Look forward to refining my techniques and using your Designer Epoxy for my future projects.
    Works great and crystal clear
    Peter Miller
    Great product! Delivery was fast. Can’t complain.
    Eric T
    Impressive communication regarding shipment and delivery. Slow cure cycle good for re-stirring of added pigments. Low bubbling on 1-1/2 inch casting pour.
    Good quality product. Fast shipping time! No complaints
    Been using Designer Epoxy for a while now. Love the quality of all. Super clear and pressure pot not really needed but still use anyway. Pigments are great as well. Havent tried the glow pigments yet. Great products and great fast delivery and service. My go to
    Ronald Manning
    This is my first time using this product. It was very easy to use. No fumes, long open time, no bubbles. It does take a long time to cure, but over all a great product. I will be buying more.
    Designer Deep Casting Epoxy Resin (1.5 gal / 5.7L) | Free Shipping photo review
    Susan Percy
    This product is bubble free and easy to use 😊. I am very happy with this resin😊
    James mills
    I haven’t used it yet but shipping was fast and on time.
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