Designer Pro Series 3 Gal Flooring/ 11.4

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Designer Pro Series is a 2:1 By Volume Mix.
Highly Scratch and UV Resistant, Allowing Pours Up To 0.5 " Inches.  Pro Series is  Designed For Flooring, Arts, Crafts, Charcuterie boards, Jewelry, Coasters, Resin Arts, Molds & More. Also Using The Bluetec Technology To Prevent Yellowing. ••Note: Part A is Cloudy, Part B is Clear. This is Formulated For Best Mixing Colors. For Clear Casting 1/8″ Or Less !

• 100% Solids
• *NOTE Part A is cloudy and Part B is Clear, This is Formulated For Best Mixing Colors. For Clear Casting Must Be 1/8 Or Less. For Super Clear Resins , Please Check Out Our ArtCast Or Deep Casting Epoxy...
• Mix Ratio By Volume 2:1 : A:B = 2:1
• Mix Time 3 to 3.5 Minutes
• Working Time 45 / 50 Minutes
• Initial Cure Time 12 / 14 Hours Dry Touch
• Full Cure 24 Hours
• Recoat Application 18 / 24 Hours
• Thickness Application Very Thin Up To 0.5 Inches Single Pour
• Can be poured more than 0.5 inch (example: cracks, voids, crevices, on very small projects
• Hardness 88/90 Shore D
• Finish/ Glossy
• Coverage: 125 sq. ft. per 3 gallons
• Highly Resistant To Scratches
• UV Resistant Against Yellowing
• 0 Voc / With No Odor
• No Fillers
• Best Cure Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius (colder temperatures may affect cure time)
• Food Grade Safe Once Fully Cured
• Shelf Life Unopened: 12-14 months
• Shelf Life Opened: 6-8 months
• Ideal For : Flooring , Charcuterie boards, Arts, Crafts, Jewelry,  Coasters, Resin Arts, Molds & More.

11 reviews for Designer Pro Series 3 Gal Flooring/ 11.4

    Jeff Malinowsksi
    When used as directed these are excellent products. Parts "A" and "B" mix easily and are crystal clear. Any entrapped air was released and I had no issues with air bubbles developing after the floor was poured. The pigments blended just as easily into the epoxy with no clumping or other defect. The working time was more than adequate for mixing and application. After 24 hours the epoxy was hard enough for light foot traffic but a complete cure takes about 3 days - more if your floor is cold as in my case. However after 7 days the floor coating was hard with excellent adhesion to both bare and previously painted concrete. There is a slight, mild odor but nothing to be concerned about.
    william hamilton
    Great product sets up fast and minimum or no bubbles
    Brent Galon
    Been a customer about 3 yrs now. Love this resin. All series, deep cast, pro, art cast. Great product and customer service. Proud to support a Canadian company!
    william hamilton
    Easy to use and mix. few bubbles and clear solid setup
    Edna Moore
    This is my go to resin for many things. I make a lot of jewelry, so I mix up very small amounts and the work time allows me plenty of time to get into all the small spaces. Also use it in my deep pours ( 1 - 4 inches) and have never had a thermal crack yet. The new formula is even better than the old as it is clear, no yellowing.
    John Toddie
    Absolutely love this epoxy and this company. This is the only place I will buy from.
    Simply the best!
    Designer Pro Series 3 Gal Flooring/ 11.4 photo review
    Very good, cost-effective, low viscosity resin. Hardens quick (un-form next day) and easily de-bubbles. Works very for small, irregular shaped forms. My go to if clarity isn't the main priority. Responds well to heat -curing (~40 C) to speed things up.
    charlotte marie smith
    Love working with this resin. It is thin and easy to mix with very few bubbles. Just be aware that it cures cloudy so not for clear items. Customer service is excellent also.
    Designer Pro Series 3 Gal Flooring/ 11.4 photo review
    Designer Pro Series 3 Gal Flooring/ 11.4 photo review
    Designer Pro Series 3 Gal Flooring/ 11.4 photo review
    Love this product have no complaints with customer service
    Nathan Peesker
    Absolutely love the product!! Works great for so many applications. Sets up fats and clear.
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