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Simple 1A to 1B mix ratio.
Mix Time 2 Minutes
Fast Cure 1-2 Hours
15 Min Work Time

Our Fast Cure Formula Quickly Cures  Within 1 To 2 Hours . Help By Saving Time Wich Means Your Project Will Be Ready The Same Day..This Resin Cures Hard And Is UV Resistant , Crystal Clear. Exclusively Developed For : 

☄️  Filling Cracks, Holes, Crevices, Repairs, Small Arts & Crafts. Jewelry, Decorations, Small Casting And Coating, Cast figurines. Small Silicone Molds, Charms, Pendants, Brooches, Earrings, keychainsBracelets, Etc.
☄️ Penetrates deeply into wood
☄️  Super Clear
☄️  Can Be Mixed With All Our Pigments
☄️  Hardens Quickly , Adheres High Strength
☄️  Mix Time Approximately 2 Min Slow
☄️  1:1  Mix Ratio= 1A To 1B ( By Volume )
☄️  1 To 2 Hour Cure
☄️  **Note** Thinner Projects Take 3/4 Hour To Cure
☄️  Strength  87/88 Shore D
☄️  U.V Resistant With Anti-Yellowing
☄️  Glossy / Glass Like Finish
☄️  Premium Quality That Self Levels
☄️  No Odor
☄️ 100% Solids No Fillers
☄️  Medium viscosity
☄️  Food grade safe once fully cured

1 review for Fast Cure / 2 LITRE | Free Shipping

    Fast Cure / 2 LITRE | Free Shipping photo review
    Stephanie aka Nie-Nie’s Kreations
    WOW! just amazing! NO smell at all, extremely fast cure, no play time so no time to waste. Make sure everything is ready before hand because it starts to cure almost right away!!! Just love it, will by again and again!
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