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HYPER-SHIFT (Blue Green Gold) 1.5oz

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🦎 Our Hyper Shift Pigments Are Ultra Color Shifting , And Also Known As Chameleon. Compared With Normal Series Of Chameleon Colors , Our Hyper Shift Goes Far Beyond , And Is Composed Of High Transparent Super Fine Crystals Coated With Titanium Dioxide. Our Hyper Shift Has 3 to 4 Color Changing Effect. See Why Artists Are Raving Over These Pigments For There Projects.
πŸ‘‰Very Little Goes A Long Way !!
🦎 These Are The Most Intense And Vivid And Chromatic Color Shift Available Online !! Unbelievable Hiding Ability And Creates Something Out Of This World.. When Viewed On Defferent Angles,You Will See Multi Colors And Shifts Of 3 to 4 Colors. Finishes To A Pearlescent Sheen Diamond Effect πŸ’Ž
🦎 Can Be Applied Many Ways , Example:
1- Brushed On Very Thin Dry Powder First On To Mold, Then Apply Black Tinted Epoxy Over It.
2- Clear Epoxy Mixed With The Color.
3- Black Epoxy Base ,Once Cured Then Apply Clear With The Color On Top. Each Application Reflects Defferent Angles Of Colors.
4- Can be simply mixed with any colors as well ,to bring out that Diamond Crystal Sparkly Effect in your project. πŸ˜ƒ
🦎 Non-Toxic, Cosmetic Grade And Harmless To The Skin & Environment.
🦎 πŸ‘‰ Note** Most Dramatic Effect Is Achieved Over A Darker Base Application. You Will See The True Colors Of Shifting .Lighter Bases Will Give An Iridescent Super Cool Effect Such As Aurora Colors.

4 reviews for HYPER-SHIFT (Blue Green Gold) 1.5oz

    Wendell mills
    I have only use it on one piece so far I am happy with the results.
    fred Buonocore
    Just can't get over how fantastic using this in my color mixes .thanks again to Jim for the heads up! Fred Buonocore Shelter island ,NY
    HYPER-SHIFT (Blue Green Gold) 1.5oz photo review
    HYPER-SHIFT (Blue Green Gold) 1.5oz photo review
    HYPER-SHIFT (Blue Green Gold) 1.5oz photo review
    Thank Sprague Woodturning for introducing this to me. Cedar base with pine cones set in blue-green-gold Hypershift mixed with brown, copper, and some gold included with my purchase.The pics don't do this bowl justice. Stunning result and will be ordering more Hypershift products.
    HYPER-SHIFT (Blue Green Gold) 1.5oz photo review
    Gina C
    The pigment colors are already beautiful by themselves but the hyper shift add even more bling.
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