Round Charcuterie Board With Handle Silicone Mold


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Fluid Volume:128oz / 3785ml
Wall Thickness:5/8"
Material:high strength, tear resistance Silicone Molds
Interior Finish:Gloss -Shiny

Designer Epoxy Molds are created for resin artists and wood workers. These Molds will save you so much time and not like your traditional tape and wood causing leaks and headaches. Our silicone molds significantly cut down on the setup and demolding time usually involved with other molds. We have the most strength THICKNESS OF WALLS on the market that are 5/8" inch THICK so they wont bend like most💪. Superior to old traditional ways of building your molds ,these are are super easy to work with. Enjoy creating and not building your with wood and tape and spray release.
Once you have used these molds, you won't go back, guaranteed !!

🔹️ Never need assembled, or disassembled. Saving huge amounts of time. And can be reusable for hundreds of time and lasts forever. Best investment for Artists & Woodworkers🎨

🔹️These Molds are tear resistance, and strength and flexibility allows you to place and remove pieces of wood easily with out a mess.

🔹️Glossy Finish
🔹️The corners and edges never have sealed , or using silicone base products again.

🔹️The mold is heat resistant to 475F. / 246 ° Degrees Celsius

🔹️Like HDPE, Our Silicone mold does not stick making demolding an ease to release and making your work easy.

🔹️Washable By Hand And Luke warm water is all that's needed to clean and reuse again and again.


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